Secret #1: Black Belt Parents never interact with their children during class. They realize that watching a martial arts class is just like observing their child in regular school, and the instructor is the only person in charge. Interrupting or interacting with their child would be disrespectful to the instructor and distracting to all the other students. Please refrain from all interaction unless asked by the instructor.

Secret #2: Black Belt parents always bring something quiet to do during their child’s class. They know that talking is disruptive to the class and to the other parents who are reading or working quietly. If Black Belt Parents want to socialize, they go outside until the class is over. Black belt parents do not stand or wait by the door, front counters or anywhere which prevents flow of traffic in the school.

Secret #3: Black Belt Parents always keep their future Black Belts and Little Guardians-to-be (ages 0 and up) under control and quiet during older sibling classes. Crying, screaming or rowdy children can be a major distraction to class. Black Belt Parents know this and always take overly enthusiastic little ones outside.

Secret #4: Black Belt Parents realize that our school is not a daycare center, so they drop and pick up their children promptly. They realize that the front desk cannot be and is not responsible for kids left unattended. If a child MUST unavoidably be left for extra time, Black Belt Parents always alert the staff and make sure their child knows where to sit quietly and wait.

Secret #5: Black Belt Parents know and practice all school rules and policies. They follow and enforce these rules with their children. When Mom and Dad follow the school rules and regulations, then their child is more likely to follow their example. This starts at the front door, where everyone is to bow and greet the instructors when entering and leaving the school.

Secret #7: Black Belt Parents know that their child is an individual who will progress at their own rate. They never compare a child to their sibling or other students. They encourage and support each child’s progress and help them to set and achieve realistic goals.

Secret #8: Black Belt Parents remember why their child joined Karate in the first place, not to just memorize forms, but to improve themselves as people. Black Belt Parents are never harsh or pushy with instructors about how fast their child is learning. Black Belt Parents take a moment to see how their child is improving as a whole person, realizing that rank graduation is just a part of the big picture.

Secret #9: Black Belt Parents know that if they have a concern about their child’s training, progress or about the school, they should go directly to the instructor and not complain to the parents. Black Belt Parents never start or participate in gossip. In fact, they do their best to stop it.

Secret #10: Black Belt Parents are encouraging to all the other students in the school during class, testing and demonstrations. They know that through their example, their children will also learn to encourage and support everyone at our Martial Arts School.

Secret #11: Black Belt Parents always make sure that they and their children show respect and courtesy when attending tournaments or any other Martial Arts functions. They especially avoid confrontations with judges and other parents. Showing respect and courtesy is a great way to teach their children to be good sports, whether they win or lose. If they do have a concern, they respectfully take it to the tournament director or to an event staff member.

Secret #12: Black Belt Parents will always help their children set goals both in and out of Martial Arts class. Black Belt Parents explain the 4 part process of setting and achieving goals (Set Goal, Write it Down, Make a Plan, Take Action). Black Belt Parents know that goal setting will help their child develop perseverance and self-discipline which is necessary to stick to their commitments and achieve great personal success.

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