Of the many sports your child can participate in, Wresting is one of the most misrepresented, misunderstood and underrated. Folkstyle Wrestling, also known as collegiate wrestling, is the form of Wrestling that is practiced mostly in American high schools and colleges. Although Folkstyle wrestling has its main origins in catch-as-catch-can wrestling, it is a combination of various grappling techniques, having aspects of Freestyle and Greco-Roman styles of wrestling.

While the object of folkstyle wrestling is to pin your opponent, grappling techniques focuses mainly on changes in control. Your training will focus on fundamentals such as stances, technique and emphasize taking an opponent down to the mat, escaping from or reversing control. Additionally, training will progressively focus on maneuvers and technical aspects of take downs and throws.

How can wrestling help myself for my child in self defense?  Thats a great question!  

Most fight situations begin as a fist fight, but end up on the ground in a grappling contest with the better wrestler being the victor most of the time. Grappling, or wrestling skills, are actually just as important in most self defense situations, as the ability to punch or kick. The highly controversial sport of Ultimate Fighting proves this point.

Involvement in wrestling is a great way to build confidence and the ability to defend one's self, without resorting to the violent tactics inherent in most other forms of self-defense. Wrestling skills are an enormous asset in a schoolyard brawl or even a street fight, however, wrestling's non-violent nature does not prepare one for other aspects of self-defense such as disabling or disarming an assailant.

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